To establish a formal black city council member and elected official’s communication network. The network includes, but is not limited to:

  • Regional phoning and faxing of information of interest to the membership and the publication and distribution of a quarterly newsletter.
  • Maintenance of a database of present and past membership to assist in programs and projects. To host meetings and workshops of interest to the Association’s membership and the black community.
  • Facilitate educational opportunities for leadership development:
    • For youth, mentoring with emphasis on students attending historically black universities and colleges;
    • For local elected officials, new council members’ orientation; and
    • For the community, voter education and participation, and a public speakers’ bureau.
  • Provide resources for capacity building in local neighborhoods for revitalization and preservation.
  • Advocate increased voter participation and education in the political process.
  • To develop research and analysis capabilities for reporting to the membership and community on public issues.
  • Serve as a clearinghouse for access to information about public policy and legislative issues affecting the membership and Texas cities.
  • To identify and mentor “rising” leadership.

Goals and Workplans

TABCCM and HBCUs Establish Joint Goals